Our disciplined approach[1] has led to a solid track record with proven results.[2]

We work with all levels of your organization to Generate Savings, Build Capabilities, and Ensure Sustainability. Our strategic consulting team is made up of former industry leaders with deep process and category knowledge in sourcing, transportation, and logistics. We clearly and logically lay out the scope of solutions using proven methodologies, which will in turn improve your bottom line. Our success is measured by meeting goals during implementation, realizing savings, and receiving positive feedback from our clients.

Generate Savings fig 1a.

Strategic consultants are hired to help a company identify and implement savings and the founders of nSource Advisors have a proven track record of generating savings for its clients in sourcing, transportation, and logistics. nSource Advisors follows a process that analyzes the spend in your organization to identify savings opportunities. We follow a four step process that streamlines how we work with your company.

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fig 1b.
[1]organization assessment

This is the “get to know you” phase and it is important for us to understand the culture, goals, challenges, and organizational structure of your company. It is important for us to understand which stakeholders impact the spend in different areas.

fig 1c.
[2]spend assessment

The foundation for the business case starts with an intense process, where we scrutinize your spend, look at reports, review invoices, and meet with stakeholders to understand where and how your company is spending money today.

fig 1d.
[3]business case

We will then use our expertise in sourcing and logistics — along with the client’s goals and baseline data — to identify and quantify savings opportunities, as well as create a prioritized cost reduction strategy.

fig 1e.
[4]implement savings

In this final stage, we work together with our clients to implement the strategies that have been identified. We consider this “the fun part.”

Build Capabilities fig 2a.

At nSource Advisors, we work with our clients to transform their global supply chains so there is less reliance on external resources and more focus on creating a capable internal team.

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fig 2b.
[1]capability assessment

We create a baseline to start from by analyzing your current team members, their processes, and the technology your company uses to identify strengths, gaps, and understand risks.

fig 2c.
[2]define strategy

Using the facts found in our capability assessment, we create a solid strategy for the future that will ensure repeatable results, improved performance, and continuous improvement.

fig 2d.
[3]strategy sign off

After defining the strategy, we collaborate with leadership and key stakeholders to agree on a definitive game plan and timeline.

fig 2e.
[4]Implement Transformation

nSource Advisors works with you to implement the strategy that will transform your organization and create internal capabilities within your sourcing and logistics teams.

Ensure Sustainability fig 3a.

At nSource Advisors, we have proven techniques to ensure the savings targets are achieved and the total cost of ownership is reduced annually.

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fig 3b.
[1]establish governance

We conduct regular meetings that focus on changing company culture and we make sure to include senior leadership so that everyone is on the same page.

fig 3c.
[2]drive transparency

We give visibility to the organization, to clearly demonstrate where your business is heading, by installing the correct reporting and operating metrics.

fig 3d.
[3]fill the funnel

We institute a mentality of constantly identifying and prioritizing future savings projects. This is important as resources are freed up from one project, they can quickly allocate time to the next project. This approach maximizes savings recognized.

fig 3e.
[4]category strategy

This is a critical step in knowing your markets, managing your suppliers, and putting in place long term strategies to minimize your total cost of ownership creating a competitive advantage.

nSource Advisors is results focused and clients typically save $5 to $10 for every $1 they invest in our work.

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