North American

Healthcare GPO


Organization and Process Assessment

  • Large Healthcare GPO was recently acquired
  • Assess the current organization and existing processes
  • Identify spend synergies for leverage opportunities between the two companies
  • Completed a thorough current state assessment of the contracting organization
  • Evaluated the sourcing, contracting, and contract management processes
  • Categorized spend consistent with acquiring company to highlight synergies
  • Identified improvements in organizational design, strategic sourcing, and contracting
  • Recommended the implementation of a robust seven step strategic sourcing process
  • Designed a new organization to improve market leverage and optimize headcount
  • Identified opportunities to reduce organizational costs by nearly $2M per year
  • Aligned the spend categorization between the two companies
  • Organizational design aligned sales and contracting to improve market offerings
  • Developed a comprehensive plan to implement recommendations