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Key Transportation Modes:

Dedicated, Truckload, and LTL

  • Decentralized spend and freight management across 18 international facilities
  • Zero transparency across international logistics spend
  • Inadequate resources managing freight, leading to large year over year inflation
  • Unfavorable carrier contracts in place causing extra burden on client
  • No tools in place to make carrier selection and routing decisions
  • Spend and people assessments to identify opportunities
  • Focused country by country and put in place category management to drive savings
  • Worked with local operations to gain support and identify opportunities
  • Put in place global freight budget and monthly freight variance reporting structure
  • Quoted each plant's freight to expand the carrier base and drive savings
  • Built shipping tools to ensure the right carriers with the best service and cost were used
  • Replaced large dedicated fleet in Western Europe saving $2M per year
  • Delivered $8M of savings projects between logistics and warehousing management
  • Implemented routing and telematics software for 60 driver fleet in Western Europe
  • Successful implementation of 15 savings projects across 18 plants
  • Initiated annual RFP's in Central and Eastern European plants saving $425k per year
  • Implemented payload project that reduced the # of ocean containers needed by 38%