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Key Transportation Modes:

Dedicated, Private Fleet, Truckload, LTL, Ocean, and Parcel

  • Rapidly increasing logistics costs across 60+ North American facilities
  • Poor on-time delivery performance causing customers to go to competitors
  • Missing carrier contracts and standardized insurance coverage causing unnecessary risks
  • Zero transparency across North American logistics spend
  • Decentralized freight management
  • Spend and people assessments to identify opportunities
  • Centralized freight management and put all carriers on standardized company contract
  • Implemented Transportation Management System to create transparency
  • Brought in strong talent and category management approach to implement savings
  • Developed first global freight budget process
  • Created standard operating mechanisms to define where opportunities existed
  • Delivered $35M run rate of savings projects
  • Standard operating procedures put in place
  • Successful implementation of TMS and 37 savings projects
  • Strong team in place generating annual continuous improvement
  • Transparency of detailed logistics spend across all plants