North American Leader in

Oil & Gas Transmission

Key Products Sourced:

Steel Line Pipe

  • Immediate need to strategically source 500+ miles of 36" steel line pipe
  • Absence of structured RFP and strategic sourcing processes
  • Organizational talent gap
  • Built a comprehensive RFP to capture the scope of the needed products
  • Executed a global strategic sourcing initiative for steel pipe
  • Designed a comprehensive "Should Cost" model for steel pipe
  • Managed the RFP, analyzed the bid results, and execute negotiations
  • Transferring the ownership of steel pipe sourcing to a newly hired director
  • Saved $32M from budgeted costs for steel pipe
  • Instituted a robust strategic sourcing and negotiation process
  • Implemented "Should Cost model to establish the baseline for future projects
  • Transferred process to the internal sourcing team